concrete epoxy services for Orange, LA and Riverside Counties (949) 466-8970


Eco_FriendlyIn preparation, we only utilize the method of mechanical abrasion (etching) on your concrete floor by diamond blade grinding the surface; we don’t use chemicals to etch your floor.

Once the impurities are removed from your floor we will patch, repair and fill in cracks with an epoxy bonding repair material. We need to achieve the best possible bond for your epoxy. If there is a significant amount of oil or grease, we will use a degreaser.

If we discover a moisture emission issue, we will address it with a vapor barrier application.

We use commercial grade 100% solids 2-part epoxy resin penetrating system with low VOC’s. Our color flakes are vinyl (not paint flakes) gaining its strength and durability with a textured non-slip finish. We broadcast our flakes to refusal, meaning your floor is totally and completely covered. We finish with a clear protectant sealer which is impervious to auto fluids and most household chemicals.

Durable, yet Safe for you and the environment!

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